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Unapologetic Leadership focuses on reflecting on the work we are doing as school leaders and challenging ourselves to grow with our experiences. Being unapologetic is a mindset and not something to look negatively upon. This podcast will allow listeners to engage in hearing from educational leaders who are ingrained in the work. Topics such as equity, diversity, inclusion, school culture, student voice, and leadership experiences are among some of the content you will hear. I will also share much of my journey in education because there are many successes and moments of growth that lend itself to real-life experiences listeners can learn from.

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From George Couros:

Dr. Marcus Belin and George Couros share their thoughts on the response to administrators that says “that is why you make the big bucks.” Dr. Belin and Couros reflect on how administrators hear that comment and it often comes off as an excuse to treat them poorly. Couros reminds us that “it is not about top down, bottom up, it is about all hands on deck.” In the intro of this episode, Couros shares some reflections about his time as an administrator and how connecting with kids would remind him why he did what he did. Dr. Belin reflects on the struggles many administrators have and shares some powerful stories about the role he has as a principal in a school of nearly 3,000 students. No matter our role, we are all doing what is best for kids.

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Northwest suburban school district's 1st African American principal connects with students in classrooms, on social media

A spotlight video was done by ABC 7 Chicago. A northwest suburban school district's first African American administrator is just 29 years old, but age and race aren't what define this unique principal.

Check out the video: Click Here

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Class of 2021 Graduation Speech

The pandemic has taken much from all of us. What we cannot do is change the past but look forward to the future. Take a moment to hear to words spoken to the class of 2021 at Huntley High School's graduation. 

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NPC 2021: Principals share strategies for leading a culture of diversity, unity

It was a great experience to partner with Derek McCoy and Bill Kim Ziegler for this dynamic presentation on diversity and culture in our schools. This is such an important topic. Why not share it at the National Principal's Conference in a break-out session?! Thank you to the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) for the opportunity to present and share the voice of school leaders who are passionate about the work at #NPC2021!

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National Principal's Day

Shout out to the students of Huntley High School for just being AWESOME!!! It is an honor to serve this community!!

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Class of 2020 Diploma Delivery

686 seniors received their high school diploma in the comforts of their own home with their family. A pandemic did not stop Dr. Belin from bringing joy and excitement to the Huntley school community!

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NLU Surprises Huntley High School Principal With Doctoral Graduation Ceremony

Officials from National Louis University surprised Principal Marcus Belin with a personal driveway mini-graduation.

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Mental Health Matters

Presentation on mental health for our students at HHS. This presentation was done during the pandemic to provide supports to students.

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Virtual Graduation Class of 2020

A virtual graduation for the class of 2020. A pandemic that has rocked our world! At Huntley High School, Dr. Belin delivered a special message to 736 graduates of the class of 2020

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