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Welcome to my official website. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about me, what I do, and have the chance to explore what is happening in my journey as an educator and school leader. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

I am an educator, speaker, father, husband, and a tenacious, connected, and engaged leader. I am driven by a passion for educating young people. Student voice, school culture, and challenging the mindset of how we lead schools are among the topics of focus.   

I am the host of the podcast: Unapologetic Leadership



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Dr. Marcus Belin


Huntley High School
Huntley, IL

Principal Marcus Belin’s vision for Huntley High School is to help students become problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and engaged citizens who connect with the world, compete globally, and better our society. Huntley High’s blended learning program, ranked No. 1 in the country by, enables students to choose the time and place for their own learning. The school’s use of technology to advance equity and excellence has resulted in a competency-based education pilot program that blends in-person and online learning. Belin is proud to have overseen three years of this innovative program, which enables students to creatively master competencies in four core subject areas.

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ALEXANDRIA, VA—National leader in K-12 educator professional learning ASCD today announced its newest group of Emerging Leaders, a two-year cohort-based program designed to cultivate and develop rising leaders in education. The Emerging Leaders Class of 2021 includes educators from 12 states, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and India.
"Nurturing and promoting great education leaders is at the heart of our mission," said CEO and Executive Director Ranjit Sidhu. "The Emerging Leaders program represents a growing cohort of leaders from around the globe who will serve as a guiding force in districts and schools for years to come."
Participants in the Emerging Leaders program have between five and 15 years of experience in education and have made an impact as leaders in their schools, districts, and communities. Through the program, these educators gain access to networking and learning opportunities, prepare for future leadership roles, and build strong and supportive professional learning communities with peers around the globe.
"My time in the Emerging Leaders Class of 2011 was a transformational opportunity to learn alongside some of the leading thinkers in national education," said ASCD Board member Matthew Mingle. "It changed the trajectory of my career as an educator, and I am profoundly grateful for the experience."

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The Podcast

Unapologetic Leadership focuses on reflecting on the work we are doing as school leaders and challenging ourselves to grow with our experiences. Being unapologetic is a mindset and not something to look negatively upon. This podcast will allow listeners to engage in hearing from educational leaders who are engrained in the work. Topics such as school culture, student voice, and leadership experiences are among some of the content you will hear. I will also share much of my journey in education because there are many success and moments of growth that lend itself to real-life experiences listeners can learn from.

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